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We are all on this journey of growing, becoming and ‘making it’ in life. As we know, our mind and the mindsets we carry are crucial in becoming our best and truest self. I once talked about how easy it is to fall into the comparison culture and compare our journey and timelines with others, carrying other people clock on our head. I have realized that out of the many culprits that fuels this negative behavior, there is one that often gets unnoticed.

Culprit: The Scarcity Mindset

It is the ‘scarcity mentality’. Let me describe it, that feeling you get when you see someone succeeding or achieving something and you erroneously think that because they have done that, you automatically have failed or that such success isn’t available anymore. It is the scarcity mentality that makes a person hoard information or resources that can be instrumental to another person. It is the mindset that it is either me or them. Such a mindset will make a person to keep grasping at straws, forgetting that your success doesn’t hinder mine.

I want to clarify something before I go further. The scarcity mentality is different from being competitive. Healthy competition is necessary in fact to fuel growth and innovation but that is a story for another day.

An Abundance Mindset

The key is developing an ‘abundance mindset’. Abundance means a plentiful, over-sufficient supply of something. I find that at the very core of developing such mindset is the realization that “there is more”. There are more blessings and opportunities coming your way. Before you can really accept this reality in your heart, you have to develop an attitude of gratitude. Acknowledging the blessings you have now will set you up on the path of realizing that there is more where that came from.

All this is easier said than done. In a world that is bombarded with perfectly curated images of ‘living my best life’, it is easy to get lost. You have to remind yourself who you are, how blessed you are and stay committed to your own growth.

Here is another blog post I enjoyed on this topic.

#There is more

-Love, Adeoluwa

14 thoughts on “The Mindset Shift that Changes Everything”

  1. “When we come to see the world as a place of abundance we come to realize that there is plenty for everyone. Everything we need is flowing by us – all we have to do is get out of the way of our own small thinking and let it come. But know that the world can’t give us what we’re not ready to receive. Deprivation thinking keeps a person holding tightly to what he already has, hence there is no receptivity for receiving more”.

    Not my words, but it relates alot to this post and i bet it would help a reader or two. Just incase you’re wondering the book – Releasing the creative power of the mind by Bishop David Abioye

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