Recently, I have been learning a lot about habits and intentionality. I realize now, more than ever, the importance of the small steps and changes that we need to move our life in the direction that we desire. Small changes can make a huge difference in positioning yourself to be more productive and effective. The key to a productive day is usually in how you spend your mornings.

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Three practices that can supercharge your morning:

  • Prayer – For one to be truly ready to perform the day’s work, his/her spirit must first be in sync with the Creator, rightfully in tune to hear and listen for the promises of the day. This cannot be replaced by anything. Starting your day with prayer is a cornerstone habit that changes everything.
  • Meditation – Mindfulness with meditation is a new practice that I have started to develop. I find it very calming to slow down and check my thoughts and emotions. For if you are to become the best version of yourself, you must be a master of your emotions and thoughts. You have to make your mind align with the vision that has been placed in your heart.
  • Exercise – A YouTuber I recently found says, don’t view it as working out, and think of it as training your body. Furthermore, exercise also lowers your cortisol (stress) levels. One thing I would advise though, start small even if it is just five minutes in the morning. The emphasis should be placed on making it a habit.

For you to be able to have the energy to carry out your daily work, you need to be spiritually, mentally and physically fit. I’m learning that aligning all this aspects of myself without neglecting any part, I am setting the stage for fruitfulness in other important areas.

One thing I’ll emphasize on is this, while the books we read and the people we meet are important in our journey, it is what we do that will produce results.

I am sharing this with you to encourage you to find a morning routine that works for you. You have to be committed to learning and applying the wisdom you read and hear about.

Two books that I will recommend to help you on this topic are:

  • The 5am Club by Robin Sharma
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear

I want to hear your thoughts, do you already have a morning routine?

-Love, Adeoluwa

8 thoughts on “Three Habits that can Supercharge your Morning”

  1. Thank you for this ✨.I’d love to have a morning routine,if I only I could just sleep early😭😂 but yeah I’d be more intentional 💪🏽❤️.

  2. Thanks for this AJ, i actually didn’t have any set morning routine because my sleeping time wasn’t constant so the waking up time differed. But i will work better at sleeping early and taking into consideration all that have suggested.
    Also i would like if you give suggestions for the kind of exercises that a beginner can start with.
    I really appreciate this post🌹.

  3. Thank you Pops ❤! I’m soo sad I’ve been away from your blog and more than happy I’m welcomed so wonderfully!
    Totally Thankful for this piece because morning routine…zero!
    Got to be intentional! ✨✨

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