The waiting period. Waiting for everything to click. Stacking, preparing, praying for everything to be aligned. Waiting for the right time. Is there ever a right time for anything. What if it’s now or never. What if I missed it. Did you get carried away in waiting for a season that you forgot to prepare for it.

The concept of time and seasons, I’ve been learning so much about this and it would be illegal not to share. We’ll all know the saying “There’s time for everything” I mean it’s even in the Bible. We wait for right time to start our dreams. And when we start, we skip the build up period, we expect it to click so fast. Or my personal favorite, we follow other people’s timelines and calendars. We insist on achieving our goals at the same period they did. We insist on getting things done on their own duration. We hurry the process and when it ends up happening, are we ready for it.

What am I saying? That’s inevitable. We’re only human, applying societal pressures to ourselves is our favorite pastime. “Carrying other people’s clock on our head is our hobby”

But what if it’s not other people’s clock. “It’s my own clock and it’s running faster than me. I’m not meeting my own calendar. I’m not where I want to be” What do you say then. It’s not time yet. Are you even prepared for the season you’re rushing for. Are you ready for that thing you so desperately wish and hope for. When it comes, would you be caught unawares or would you be like “finally what took you so long”

Are you consistent in the season you’re in (Yes, I’m dragging myself too). Are you enjoying the season you’re in. Or are you just waiting for the next best thing.

Speaking of seasons, It’s the season of love and I was meant to talk about this last week( but cue the excuses) I hope you shared love with everyone. I hope you received love that felt like fresh flowers. I hope you gave back the love you received and even the one you didn’t. I hope you smiled and laughed a lot. I hope you remembered that you’re awesome (I know this because you have read my blog up to this point and only awesome people can do that -no jokes). I hope you felt like light, and even when you had clouds, I hope you remembered God’s Love for you and the spark came back. I hope you remembered that your joy isn’t from external circumstances. I hope you protect your joy and happiness.

I hope you allow yourself bloom in the season you’re in. I hope you’re conscious and proactive about your growth, I hope you nourish and water yourself for your goals and purpose, I hope you follow my blog (okay, that was smooth)

I apologize to all my lovely readers who didn’t get a dose of me last week. This is just an excuse but I had a lot of tests this week, I’m here now and that’s what matters. How was your week? And I hope this post inspired you.

– Love, AJ

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  1. “We wait for right time to start our dreams. And when we start, we skip the build up period, we expect it to click so fast” this spoke to me😓

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